Day 85 (Riding day 70) East of Tallahassee FL

Today was a little more interesting than yesterday.  Yes it rained today so I went through the rinse cycle.  Now I won’t need another bath for a week.  Rain is in the forecast again tomorrow so I’m thinking about getting an umbrella.

I weaved my way through Tallahassee along with traffic until I made it to the bike path.  Knucklehead does’t understand bike paths so I don’t try to have him give me directions when the route uses them.  Apparently I miss calculated the distance to my turn off, got caught up in racing a couple of bicyclists and missed my turn.  This detour cost me a total of eight miles in the wrong direction.  That’s a lot of extra miles at the end of the day on a unicycle, especially in the rain.

Day 85 Stats: Rode 41.17 miles at 11.9 mph, Max=17.7 mph, Cal=1127, Ave heart rate=109, Max heart rate=136, Ascent=525′, Descent=702′, Max elevation=225′, Min elevation=17′, Temp=70 degrees, Rode 3:28 out of 4:17.  Total trip miles=2697

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