Day 84 East of Quincy

Day 84 my legs felt a bit better after a rest day, if you can call hiking through caverns restful.  Today I rode 6 miles when a lady stopped me and said she was from Toledo Ohio.  She said she saw the article in Jackson County Floridan the day before.  Not sure why but she was surprised to see I was on a unicycle not a bicycle.  I told her about the blog but she doesn’t have a computer.  She said she has a smart phone but it is smarter than her.

It rained on me while I was riding today.  It is hard to believe that in 84 days and 2650 miles this was the first day it rained on me enough motorists had to use their windshield wipers.  Then I got the great idea to put a bar of soap under my helmet and let the rain dissolve the soap and run soapy water over my person.  I was able to wash myself and my clothing all at once.  Very efficient.  Unfortunately the rain stopped before I could remove the soap and start the rinse cycle.  Never fear the forecast for tomorrow calls for more rain.  I’ll rinse tomorrow.

I’m sure glad Florida is flat, I would hate riding any more hills.

Flat Florida

Flat Florida

Day 84 Stats: Rode 43.46 miles at 12.0 mph, Max=17.7 mph (Yikes!), Cal=1254, Ave Heart rate=113, Max heart rate=139, Ascent=1066, Descent=1017′, Max elevation=196, Min elevation= -22, Temp = 70 degrees, Riding time=3:37, Total time=4:31, Total trip miles= 2656

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2 Responses to Day 84 East of Quincy

  1. Marylee says:

    Love the traveling shower idea! Hysterical!

  2. Mom says:

    Reminds me of some of my appliances — never get the cycles right

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