Day 91Gainesville to Palatka

Last night we were fixing dinner in a park near Gainesville when a gathering of folks in the park came over to check out our rig.

Eastside Garden Club

Eastside Garden Club

They were members of the Eastside Garden Club.  One of the members, Marshall McIrby graciously invited us to camp at his house where we spent a very pleasant evening on his farm.

Marshall and Dave

Marshall and Dave

The McIrby Farm

The McIrby Farm

Neighbor pulling Marshall's dead Gulf Cart

Neighbor pulling Marshall’s dead Gulf Cart

His donkey and rooster made sure we didn’t over sleep.

Good day today.  The roads in Florida continue to be consistently in the best condition of any state on the route.  Today was sunny with little breeze.  The average temperature was 69 degrees.

My intention was to take it easy for the last few days of the ride.  The trouble is my crew has been taking their time so I have been riding too far.  After 40 miles I called it quits in Palatka and called the crew.  They were 25 miles behind me so I was compelled to buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to pass the time.

The flavor was Fish Food, containing chocolate ice cream with marshmallow and caramel with fudge fish chunks.  It was only 290 calories per serving.  There were however 4 servings in the container.  The servings were small so I had no problem dispatching the content and disposing the evidence before my crew arrived.

When I am done with this ride I vow to significantly cut back on my paper usage in hopes I can contribute to less production of paper and reduce the number of logging trucks blowing by cyclists.  The next time a cashier asks if you want paper or plastic, please say plastic, or better yet, bring your own reusable bags, and save a cyclist.

Tomorrow (Saturday will be a rest day) We will stay at our friends Slick and Eva’s house.  Despite being a bit ahead of schedule I still plan to finish the ride on Tuesday Oct 29.

Day 91 Stats: Rode 40.66 miles at 12.8 mph, Max=17.4 mph, Calories=876, Ave heart rate=105, Max heart rate=128, Ascent=561′, Min elevation=735′, Max elevation=184′, Min elevation= -5′, Ave temp=69, Riding time=3:10, out of 3:58, Total trip miles=2909

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5 Responses to Day 91Gainesville to Palatka

  1. jo ann says:

    You are doing so well, will it be hard to stop? What about crossing Mexico? The weather might be nice, the roads not be so good, but less logging trucks… Keep on keeping on!

  2. Doug Lear says:

    And when you finish your ride (and probably the last weeks) you will be thinking what’s next. You finish an epic trip and look back at it and think “That wasn’t so bad. I can do tougher stuff”

    Sure was a long time ago that we met in Sunbeam Lake-Sealy,California.You earned the right to have a tee shirt with big letters that says “DO EPIC S___”

    Them little bugs you picked up in Central America could have ended more than your trip.That was some serious stuff.

    Congratulations a little early.

    • unirider0 says:

      Thanks so much for your support and advice. Not sure exactly when but we will be headed through Cincinnati on the way home. Maybe we can stop by on our way through.

  3. suziknits2013 says:

    I can’t believe you’re almost done. What’s next?

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