Day 86 Woodville to Greenville FL

Today I stated out still wet from the rinse cycle, but dried out on the unicycle rack.  It was cooler today as I rode on smooth back roads with rolling hills until I made my way back up to US 90 in Monticello.  The crew decided they would wash the car in Monticello and said they would pick me up in a half hour.  Thirteen miles later they caught me taking a break just West of Greenville.

Saw a snail crossing the road today.  Finally someone slower than I am.  I challenged him to race but he was headed in a different direction.  Whew!  I’m glad I wasn’t put to the test.  My legs seem to be getting stronger but my back lags behind.  Speaking of behind it is a bit soar from two days of riding in wet shorts.

The crew isn’t buying the wash, rinse and dry method of my cycling apparel, so they are  doing laundry the old fashioned way with a real washer and dryer.

Day 86 Stats:  Rode 44.6 miles at 11.8 mph, Max=16.2 mph, Calories=1155, Ave heart rate=108, Max=133, Ascent=873′, Descent=827, Max elevation=241, Min elevation=24, Temp=70 degrees, Rode 3:41 out of 5:07.  Total trip miles=2741

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2 Responses to Day 86 Woodville to Greenville FL

  1. jo ann says:

    Good that you didn’t challenge that snail… you would have to have bought it a beer… you what beer does to snails.

  2. Dennis Quinn says:

    Dave, where in St Augustine are you ending your ride? Getting closer!!
    D&D Quinn

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