Day 95 The End (2957 Miles) (78 days Riding)

Tuesday October 29 2013 I slowly pedaled my way through Saint Augustine.

Saint Augustine at Last

Saint Augustine at Last

I stopped to chat with the owner of a small shop who said he rode a unicycle as a kid. He was impressed with my machine, so I suggested he upgrade at  Occasionally a car would pass and toot or shout they read about me in the paper yesterday.  A Trolley driver giving tours stopped at a light and started a conversation.  He had his mic. on so everyone could hear his side of the conversation but not mine.

I scrambled over The Bridge of Lions crossing the intracoastal.  The sign at the base said bikes could use the full lane.  There was no shoulder so I pushed as hard as I could to make it over so I wouldn’t hold up traffic any longer than necessary.

After crossing the bridge I headed toward Anastaisa Park, then another motorist stopped me.  He had read the article and wanted to congratulate me and take a picture.  All this frolicking put me a little behind schedule so I kicked into high gear to ride to the Atlantic.  When I passed the ranger station in the park, the ranger blew on a party favor and said everyone was gathered at the end.  My adrenaline started pumping and now I was riding at 16 mph over the bumpy park road.

When I neared the end of the road and saw a gathering of people, I was unprepared for the group of friends and family who awaited my arrival.  Besides my crew, My mom, Suzi, and Katy, (my sisters), my cousins Joe and Nancy, my aunt Ruth, friends Dennis and Dorthia Quinn and Eva Hottinger were gathered to witness the finish.  There were also a number of bystanders who got caught up in all the hoopla or had seen the article.

Approaching the Finish

Approaching the Finish

The Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean

Celebrating The Finish of our Epic Adventure.

Celebrating The Finish of our Epic Adventure.

My Family and Friends are Awsome

My Family and Friends are Awsome

Time to Stop

Time to Stop

I want to thank all my family and friends who never doubted I could pull this off.  I want to thank all those who gave me moral support and contributed to my cause.  Thank you for donating a wheel for my ride.  And I want to thank my crew.  My Chauffeur – Joan Drnek, my Navigator – Joan Drnek, my PR person Joan Drnek, my Travel Agent – Joan Drnek, my Chef – Joan Drnek, my Bartender – Joan Drnek, my Domestic Engineer – Joan Drnek, my Launderer – Joan, my Procurement Personal – Joan Drnek, my Auto Detailer – Joan Drnek, my Cleanup Crew – Joan Drnek, my Paparazzi – Joan Drnek, (most of the photos with me in it were taken by Joan) and Cheerleader – Joan Drnek.

Some of you might be surprised to learn I was not the first to ride a unicycle across the country, and I certainly won’t be the last, but as far as I know and until I am told differently I believe at 58 years old I may be the oldest.  You may also be surprised to learn I was the fourth person to cross the USA by unicycle this summer.  Cary Gray recently crossed from East to West and is headed down through Mexico and beyond.

Dustin and Katie Kelm finished an East to West crossing earlier in October.

Many people have already asked “What’s next”?  I truthfully don’t know, but those of you who know me best, know there are likely to be more adventures in the future.  For those of you who followed this blog daily you will be glad to know you can resume your regularly scheduled programs.  For now.

If you haven’t already done so it is not too late to help cure ALS by donating to the ALS Therapy Development Institute, at

Day 95 Stats: Rode 6.32 miles at 8.8 mph, Max= 16.6 mph, Calories=211, Ave heart rate=97, Max heart rate=132, Ascent=292′, Descent=328′, Max elevation=57′, Min elevation= 5′, Temp=79 degrees, Total trip miles=2957′

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14 Responses to Day 95 The End (2957 Miles) (78 days Riding)

  1. Marylee says:

    You did it!! YAY!! Wish I could have been there, too, but you were in my heart and on my mind. Well Done!

  2. gayle says:

    Congratulations, Dave! It’s quite an accomplishment! Glad you were able to finish. Doug and I met you and Joan early on in El Centro, CA. Followed you and are happy for you.
    Gayle Lear (Monroe OH)

  3. Patty E says:

    Congratulations Dave! Awesome job finishing with a bang!

  4. Brian says:

    Well done, Dave. We followed you the whole way. I bet you sailed through the last few miles. Will you ever go sailing again? We look forward to seeing you on TMQ in 2014. Now get on with something challenging!

  5. jo ann says:

    Speaking of sailing… your in Florida, where’s your brother? Could be a nice way to ease back into your new reality… Great Adventure… Thanks for letting us tag along!

  6. Patrick Quinn says:

    Job well done. Pat

  7. Aunt Judy says:

    A big congratulations for a great adventure.! I hope there will be many more. Thought about you while I was touring in France and wondering if you had completed your adventure. Wish I could have been there to greet you at the finish line but my thoughts were there with you and Joan. Great work, Joan, for all you did to make this a success. I am not sure he could have done it without you and all your work and support!
    Luv ya Aunt Judy

  8. Scott Arnold says:

    Nice job Dave! It’s good I couldn’t ride with you; you wouldn’t have been the oldest!

    Scott Arnold

  9. As a unicyclist, I can’t wrap my mind around the magnitude of your adventure. As your little sister, it’s much easier. Watching you conceive of a goal, plan it out and accomplish it time after time made me believe that you would succeed with this one. No doubt. I’m so proud to have you as my big brother. Your example has had a great influence on my life. Thanks.

  10. Mark J says:

    Dave, Congratulations! Very glad to see you persevere through untold obstacles. You are truly and inspiration. Well done.

    • unirider0 says:

      Thanks. My second stage went well considering I was no longer in as good of shape. The roads and and weather in Florida were really good. If I hadn’t had to stop the first time I think I could have finished in two weeks. It was a great adventure.

      • Mom says:

        This is probably the latest reply you will get but l had to let you know that I never doubted you would accomplish your goal, even with that fly in the ointment. Congratulations!!!

  11. Mom says:

    This is probably the latest reply you will get but l had to let you know that I never doubted you would accomplish your goal, even with that fly in the ointment. Congratulations!!!

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