Day 82 Marianna Florida

I rode on US 90 from Westville to east of Marianna.   Once again the road was smooth with good shoulders and as the map says gently rolling hills.  Today the stars seemed to be aligned, although I could not see them through the sun.  Much of my side of the road offered shade and the breeze was minimal.  After working out the morning kinks, I cruised along pleasantly.

I crossed over Alligator Creek and decided to take a break to see if I could spy any alligators.  I didn’t see and alligators but I did see some alligator food.Turtle

I traveled through Caryville, Bonifay, Chipley, and Cottondale.  I had made 30 miles when I arrived in Cottondale, and I was thinking I might make 40 miles today.  A young couple (sorry I forget your names already) who were very enthusiastic stopped to talk to me and take a picture.

Then I pedaled onward.  The next town was Marianna with a population of over 6000.  There was traffic and traffic lights and rolling hills but I was able to stay in high gear through much of the town.  With all my focus on riding with the traffic I must not have heard Knucklehead and missed a turn. I continued on US 90 pushing on out of town.

The miles were piling up and it was getting a little late to meet up with my crew.  I heard my phone ring so I rode to a good stopping place.  The call was from the crew but there was no message.  I tried to call back but got no answer.  While I was waiting a photographer showed up and wanted to take some pictures.  He said he was from the Jackson County Floridan paper and a reporter saw me riding through town and sent him to track me down.

Then my crew called and with the help of the photographer we figured out I was off route and my crew was out ahead of me.  While the crew started back for me I got a call from the reporter who interviewed me for the paper.  My crew arrived and waited patiently while blathered on.  I’m going to be infamous. Check out the Jackson County Floridan.  10/17/13 on line.

After riding 5 days and finishing with a 45 mile day I’m going to take a day off tomorrow.

Day 82 stats:  I rode 45.64 miles at 12.5 mph, Max=17.6 mph, Calories=1451 (enough for beer and ice cream), Ave heart rate=119, Max heart rate=140, Ascent=871’, Descent=878’, Max elevation= 228, Min elevation=81, Ave temp.= 76, Trip miles=2612, Riding time= 3:39 , Out of 4:22.

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4 Responses to Day 82 Marianna Florida

  1. Kathy Moss says:

    Nice article in JC Floridan, Dave. We’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Good luck with your final miles.

  2. Marylee says:

    That article was so COOL! I forwarded it my family and some friends. We are so proud of you!

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