Day 81 Crestview to Westville

Day 81 was a better day.  Clouds provided some comforting shade, and while the Easterly trade winds were putting me on a beat they were not too strong.  I rode along US 90 on smooth pavement with a good shoulder.  My route took me through the small towns of Mossy Head,  DeFuniak Springs (which is just fun to say), Argyle, Ponce De Leon to Westville.  All totaled up their populations don’t equal 7000 souls, and over 5000 of those belong to DeFuniak Springs.

I was a little concerned today with my mental state when I started having flashbacks of logging trucks that gave me so much grief in Texas and Louisiana.  Then I realized I wasn’t having flashback, they were real.  At least they were not doing 70 mph as they barreled by.

A little perspective.  I feel like I am moving slowly, but my first 7 days on this stage doubled the mileage I rode in the first 7 days of my stage one.  On stage 2 I have ridden 239 miles so far and have 405 remaining according to the map.  There are 7 map sets by Adventure Cycling covering the Southern Tier route across the US.  Today I rode onto map set 7.

Day 81 Stats: (Day 67 of riding) Rode 38.23 (most so far on stage 2) at 11.6 mph, Max=16.6 mph, Calories=1165, Ave heart rate=113, Max heart rate=135, Ascent=604′, Descent=794′, Max elevation=307′, Min elevation=73′, Rode 3:17 out of 4:02.  Total trip miles=2566

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6 Responses to Day 81 Crestview to Westville

  1. Mom says:

    I guess it wouldn’t be very sympathetic to say “keep on truckin”.

  2. suziknits2013 says:

    did you look for the fountain of youth in Ponce De Leon?

  3. jo ann says:

    You’re doing great! I just looked at a map of Florida today… you’re about 5 hrs. drive time from St. Augustine on I-10. “My David” reminded me that riding out of Georgia, I joined the route at Monticello, FL, after that I am even less of a source of information for you. I did ride Bike Florida, about a hundred years ago from Jacksonville to Gainesville… the highway overpasses were the peak elevation points as I recall. Stay alert, and safe… Logging Trucks and other Florida Drivers… The sunshine state is ranked among the worst states to ride a bike and posts one of the nations highest cycling fatality rates. – Lucky you have only one wheel… you should be fine!

    • unirider0 says:

      And I was concerned with Alabama. I was warned by two separate people about riders hit in Alabama. One was a cyclist who rode up to me and said he had been hit earlier in the year near where I was. The other was a couple who said a rider was fatally hit a year ago on an organized cross country trip.

  4. katie says:

    map 7 yeeha!!

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