Day 47 Riding through Molasses

Day 47 felt like I was riding through molasses.  I left Del Rio into a headwind on route 90 on a gradual upgrade.  Route 90 is a chip and tar road with a high rolling resistance.  Sometimes it has had a smooth shoulder but most of the time the shoulder is rougher than the road.  Today the traffic was heavy enough that I frequently had to jump back and forth from road to shoulder.

I was able to ride in high gear most of the time but with great effort.  After riding hundreds of miles on route 90 I finally switched routes in Brackettville to route 334.  Route 334 is has less traffic but no shoulder and is also tar and chip.  When I started on 334 my direction changed more to the north so the headwinds turned into crosswinds and my effort went from pushing the pedals to staying up right.

One of my fears is that some law enforcement official will observe my pitching and weaving and think I am unicycling under the influence.  And I am.  I’m riding under the influence of the wind.

Often I have had a big mileage day after a layover day but it just wasn’t in the cards today. The average temperature was only 77 degrees today but it did get up to 95 and for once there is some humidity.  After 32 miles my crew rolled up an saw me sitting on the ground in the shade of a tree want’abe.  A pickup truck pulled up just after and wanted to know if I was alright.  Apparently when he pulled out of his drive he saw me dismount and turned around to check on me.  Aside from border patrol he was the first Texan to stop and check on my welfare.

I told my crew I was only good for 40 miles today.  She left and said she would be back.  At 40 miles she found me again on the side of the road.  She must wonder how I get from one point to another if I am always hanging out on the side of the road.  But it was perfect timing. I had ridden my 40 miles and she handed me a chocolate milkshake enough was enough.  Garmin agreed with me today that it was a tough day and gave me credit for 1348 calories.

I stopped for the day outside a ranch that made me nervous.

Mountain View.  I don't want to view any more mountains

Mountain View. I don’t want to view any more mountains

Stats for day 47:  Rode 40.75 miles at 10.4 mph, Max=14.3, Ascent=1099′, Descent=669′, Max elevation=1520, Min elevation=1040′, Ave heart rate=113, Max heart rate=139, Ave temp=77 degrees, Calories burned=1348, Total trip miles=1351.

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2 Responses to Day 47 Riding through Molasses

  1. katie says:

    i will never forget the “drunk” routine you used to do on the unicycle for st. helens. i think the song that played was called ” two o’clock in the morning”. i think it was a giraffe of some height you rode. goes to show how times have changed. no school club would sanction a kid mimicing a drunk. anyway…any law enforcement officer that questions your sobriety is an idiot. it’s your sanity that’s in question. hilarious i know. actually i am more and more in awe of your accomplishment with each passing day. you go brother!!

  2. Thinking pretty much the same things as Katie. Was just reminiscing with the reunion organizers about that routine. Crazy stuff! Keep on riding.

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