Day 46 day of rest 4/15/13

Not riding today.  Went to the Doc’s in Del Rio to check out a sore on my thigh unrelated to cycling, got some antibiotics.  The reason I mention this is for all of you concerned I am not eating enough.  I am now at just about my perfect weight for riding.  175 lbs.

Stopped in a bike shop in town and met another couple a day behind me. They are riding a section of the route I am riding that they did not complete the first time through.  They are taking the day off tomorrow so I figure they should catch me in a few days.

Staying at a nice RV Park the Broken Mill.  They have a pool but it is to cold for anyone but my intrepid crew Joan.

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2 Responses to Day 46 day of rest 4/15/13

  1. joandr says:

    I like “intrepid”. Thanks!

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