Day 48 (riding day 40) 4/17/13 East of Camp Wood

Day 48 was a mixed bag.  I started riding East of Brackettville on route 334.  The winds were cross winds or headwinds depending on the direction the road wound.  A porcupine started out in front of me and just as I was plotting my evasive maneuvers to create the most distance between us, a semi truck passed me and scared the critter off.

I battled the wind until I turned north on route 55.  Route 55 is tar and chip like most of the roads in Texas, but is in good condition.  Unfortunately it carries more traffic and the speed limit is 70 mph.  Having the wind at my back was a welcome change and I rolled along on fairly flat road at a good clip.  But not fast enough for some motorists.  I had at least 5 drivers honk their horn at me in anger.  I’m not sure where they all learned to do that since I have never seen in any car owners manual honk your horn if you are angry.  I’ve never even seen a bumper sticker that says that.

I did have one motorist go by me while I was taking a break and then come back to see if I was OK.  He was a bit concerned because as he said “You are kind of in the middle of nowhere”.  Funny, except for El Paso and maybe Del Rio, I have had that feeling the whole time I have been riding in Texas.

After 37 miles I arrived in Camp Wood.  I scored a pint of Dutch chocolate ice cream (640 calories for those of you who are counting).  I was just getting ready to shove off again when my crew showed up and caught me in the act.  Joan wanted to check out the town, and I want to get in 40 miles.  My crew agreed to pick me up in a half hour.  Forty five minutes and 7 miles later my crew showed up.  Another day down and another day closer to nowhere.

Stats for day 48: Rode 44.38 miles at 11.4 mph, Max=15.5 mph, Ascent=1385′, Descent=968′ Max elevation=1860′, Min elevation=1165′, Ave heart=108, Max heart rate=134, Ave temp=77 degrees, Calories burned=1203, Total trip miles=1396

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2 Responses to Day 48 (riding day 40) 4/17/13 East of Camp Wood

  1. Dennis Quinn says:

    Dave, following your journey since Pat told us about its last Saturday. Good luck with the balance of your journey. Will try to be at your finish when that comes, in St Augustine Florida.
    Dorthea and Dennis Quinn

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