Day 12, ARIZONA (day 11 riding)

Day 12 (riding day 11)  The last two nights we stayed at the Mitchel Family Camp Association.  They had their own golf course.  I didn’t have my clubs or should I say club.  It appears all I would need is a sand wedge judging by the fairways and greens or should I say sands.

Mitchell Family Camp Association Golf course.  Hole 12

Mitchell Family Camp Association Golf course. Hole 12

After leaving Blythe CA I headed toward Quartsite.  I had light NE breeze, but good roads.  My legs felt the 40 mile day before, so I only pushed high gear when it was flat or down hill.

Knucklehead discovered a new trick.  It would not calculate the route I uploaded stating there were no maps for the area.  I was on my own for today, and for anyone who knows how gps dependent I am knows that this is a recipe for confusion.  I crossed the Colorado River and entered Arizona hooray!! a new state.

I got on Interstate 10 and rolled along uphill in first gear, downhill in second.  In a few miles I pulled into a rest stop, eat lunch and merged back on to I 10.  Seven miles later I exited I 10 to get on a Dome Rock Road to Quartsite.  I studied my map, rode under I 10 up a hill onto rough pavement.  In a half mile the pavement turned into a dirt road.  I rode a 1/4 mile on the dirt road and decided this wasn’t the way.

I backtracked and went the other way and realized on was headed up the ramp to I 10 West.  Glad I caught that before I found myself back in San Diego.  I headed back down the up ramp, and went back under I 10 and found Dome Rock Road.  By this time I felt like a baked potato.

The road to Quartsite was relatively flat and relatively smooth so I cruised along conservatively in high gear.  Then my phone rang.  I hadn’t seen my crew all day so I guessed it was Joan wondering where I was.   We agreed to meet in Quartsite.  I found a Burger King, told her where I was and sat down and waited with a chocolate milkshake.

Quartsite Burger King

Quartsite Burger King

A fella in the Burger King walked up to me and saw me riding this morning in Blythe.  He was amazed.  By this time I had covered 30 miles.  I decided if he was amazed I was done for the day.  We camped at Scenic Road RV Park.  Thanks so much to Shawn and Randie Farish who donated our camping fee to the cause.

Scenic Road RV Park.  Life in the slow lane, that's for sure.

Scenic Road RV Park. Life in the slow lane, that’s for sure.

Camped at the Scenic Road RV Park  Where the donated our site to the cause.

Camped at the Scenic Road RV Park Where the donated our site to the cause.

Stats day 12:  30.14 miles (most of them in the right direction), Ave speed 10 mph, Max=14.2 mph, Ave heart rate 114, max heart rate 140, Ascent 1119′, Descent 443′, max elevation 1217, min elevation 254.  Calories burned according to Garmin 1101.  Ave temp 84, max temp 93.

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4 Responses to Day 12, ARIZONA (day 11 riding)

  1. katie says:

    hey i have been trying to think of a creative way to base me donation to ALS on some aspect of your ride. it’s tough to think of anything that would make it more challenging or interesting, but i am open to ideas.

  2. suziknits2013 says:

    Dave, if you quit for the day every time someone was amazed you wouldn’t get very far! Katie, how about $ per laugh, knucklehead snafu, chocolate milkshake or best of all typo? lol!

  3. 1 down, 6 to go ( Arizona New Mexico Texas, Louisianna, Alabama, and Florida) Keep up the good work. Pat

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