Day 13 (riding day 12) 3/13/13 Hot Son

Wed. 3/13/13.  Left Quartsite at 9:00 am.  The sun was already baking.  You rarely see skies this cloudless in Ohio.  Back on to I 10 for 11 miles.  I was able to push hi gear much of wake way.  Met Keith from Yorkshire on route 60.  He was on the road much earlier and had already covered 30 miles.  He is also riding across the country to Florida.

Most of route 60 was flat and smooth, but eventually I started to climb a bit and the hot sun was wearing on me.  I stole a little shade at a gas station and changed my pedals to the shorter holes in the cranks and stayed in low the rest of the day.  Besides the sun I am getting pretty saddle soar.

At 1:30 pm I ran out of water.  At 1:35 pm my support crew showed up in a nick of time to revive me.  I pedaled 5 more miles arriving at 2:45 in Salome AR for a cross country cycle convergence, making it 40.2 miles on the day.

I say convergence because, Keith arrived in town a half hour later and The ladies from Women Tours rolled in throughout the afternoon.  I saw the women’s group two days earlier when I was done riding, but today we all finished in the same place.  I showed the women my unicycle, and then Keith and Joan and I had a beer at the Salome Cactus Bar across the street and solved world cycling problems.

Keith and I solving world cycling problems

Keith and I solving world cycling problems

Knucklehead performed admirably but had a female’s voice today.  Do you suppose if I reset it to a male voice it will start screwing up again?

We are camping two nights at the Desert Palms Golf and RV Resort and I am taking a rest day on Thursday 3/14/13 after riding 6 days in a row.  Coincidence that Joan found another place to camp for our layover day with a hot tub?

Camped two nights at Desert Palms RV Resort

Camped two nights at Desert Palms RV Resort

Stats day 14: 40.2 miles at 10.9 mph, max=14.9 mph, Ave heart rate 115, max heart rate 147, Ascent 1650′, Descent 682′, Max elevation=1935′, Min elevation=875′ ave temp 86 and sunny with a modest head and cross breeze from the NE.  Total mileage to date= 290.34

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2 Responses to Day 13 (riding day 12) 3/13/13 Hot Son

  1. suziknits2013 says:

    If you are enlightened enough to listen to a woman and follow her advice, I think you should stay with her. Conversely, if you are going to let her talk and then do your own thing, you might as well go back to the misdirecting male voice! Keep on pedaling, Rubber side down and shiny side up good buddy! Really proud of you.

  2. Mom says:

    Maybe you should take a page from “south of the border”. Start early, take a siesta in the heat of the day then ride off into the sunset for supper and a beer. I’m sure Joan will be able to catch up, unless she finds a hot tub.

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