Day 11, (riding day 10) 40 Mile Day Wahoo!!

Day 11, (riding day 10)  The day started out with a quadruple dip of Chocolate Mountains.  They were a bit tastier than the day before.  The breeze was lighter but still head and cross currents.  The dips made going slow at first, but then the route flattened out.

Second Day of riding around the Chocolate Mountains.

Second Day of riding around the Chocolate Mountains.

I kicked the KH 36 Schlumpf into high gear and was able to ride most of the day that way. Riding geared up takes more of a toll on me but the speed trade off was worth it.  The smooth flat roads despite the breeze enabled me to have my longest ride to date at 40 miles.  Now if I could only figure out a way to keep from getting saddle sore. 🙂

Finished the day just short of Blythe CA.

Stats for the day: 40.15 miles for the day averaging 10.9 mph, Max=15.8 mph, Calories burned according to garmin 1818, ave temp=75 degrees.  Ascended 525′, Descended 1335′. Max elevation=1082, min elevation=224′

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2 Responses to Day 11, (riding day 10) 40 Mile Day Wahoo!!

  1. katie says:

    I knew chocolate had to be better without sand. I think you need to re name your unicycle. don’t you think it would be more cooperative if you didn’t call it a “schlumph”. and ps it just occurred to me that i don’t have to check my spelling on my comments. phew!

  2. jo ann says:

    My reply to the saddle sore question: butt butter and pain killers and beer. At some point your brain will be come as numb as your butt, ahh the equilibrium.

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