Day 2 Wrestling with the GPS

With the KH 36 Schlumpf out of commission I switched to the Schlumpf 29 for the day.  I used to be fairly strong on the 29 when I did ride the lobster across Nova Scotia, but age and lack of practice has taken it’s toll I have more trouble shifting and riding smoothly.

Day two brought a lot of riding on town and residential streets with many stop lights and route changes.  My GPS has a mind of it’s own.  It takes the route I uploaded and recalculates it wherever it wants to go, excluding waypoints the route needs to go through.  Then it started speaking to me in Arabic, probably swearing at me for not going the way it wants to go.  In one residential neighborhood I did a complete loop trying to find my way back on course.  At the end of the day it took me up a long steepish hill that was off the route and I wouldn’t have had to climb.  The day ended at a Burgerking with a chocolate milkshake.

Stats for day 2.  Average temp was 85 and sunny, very light tail wind.  Ave speed riding was about 8 mph.  Ascended 900 feet and descended 600 feet, covering a distance of about 15.5 miles.  Average Heart rate 127, max heart rate 165.

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1 Response to Day 2 Wrestling with the GPS

  1. Nancy Naegele-Nichol says:

    Cousin Dave, your mom told me of your adventure and cause! We think its great! Keep your spirits high and we wish you the best on your eventful journey!! The kids and I are rooting for you!! We’ll see you in Fl… Our beach house is in New Smyrna Beach just 45 min ( by car) .. Not sure how long by unicycle. 4 or 5 days?!? Happy Riding 😉

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