Day 3 let the hills begin

I started out about 9 miles East of Alpine CA. and proceeded to slog up hill ascending over 1100 feet to Alpine.  The  route ran on marginal roads along I 8.  I have never climbed so continuously.  After Alpine I had a short reprieve and then climbed some more.  Ordinarily the view of the mountains I had would have struck me with awe.  Today they struck me with awful.

The GPS still swears at me in Arabic at times but there were very few route changes to make today.  The last stretch of the day had me ride onto Interstate 8 for four miles.  Riding a unicycle on a freeway is a first for me.  I was hoping to slipstream behind a semi, but I couldn’t work up enough speed going up the 6% grade to catch one.  By the time I went from exit 36 to exit 40 I was done for the day.  I called Joan who was still shopping for dinner and said I was cooked come and get me.  I’m very hard not to over extend myself so my pace is slow and distances are short.  I did stay in the saddle long enough today to start to get sore.

States for day three.  16.5 miles, 2940 feet ascended, 253 descended.  Average speed a paltry 7 mph, ave. heart rate 139, max heart rate 159.  Average temp 82 degrees,  Max elevation 3400 feet.  I started at 700 feet today.  Three days ago I was riding at sea level.

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1 Response to Day 3 let the hills begin

  1. Nancy says:

    Great meeting you at the Buckman Springs Rest Area. We’ll be following your progress. Good luck!
    Nancy and Greg Wilson

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