Day 1 completed with a blowout


Starting out from the Pacific Ocean at Ocean Beach Dog Park in San Diego

Starting out from the Pacific Ocean at Ocean Beach Dog Park in San Diego

For the first day I took it very easy.  Average temp was 85 degrees and Sunny.  The ride started out with 4 miles of  bike path.  I passed a couple of bikers, then on to the streets.  My GPS has a destination of her own, and kept advising me to go somewhere else.  I had to check where I was supposed to go and dismount for intersections so often I never had a chance to get saddle sore.  The main road I traveled today had three lanes each way with occasional merge ramps.  I had to decide to cross the merging traffic by playing frogger or use the crosswalks.  I let traffic make my choice.  I took a break 2/3 of the way up one longish hill, and kept my heart rate under 165.

Playing in San Diego Traffic

Playing in San Diego Traffic

Bike lanes rule

Bike lanes rule

Joan met me at the Mission Park Regional Center where I ate, cooled off, rewatered dewatered, and planed for our next rendezvous.  She drove on and I got 200 meters from the center when my tire blew seized up and I had my second UPD (unplanned dismount) of the day.  I tried to call Joan on my cell phone, dialed Jose by mistake (sun glare).  My cell phone battery died so I walked back to the Mission Park center and the nice people there let me use their phone.  Joan picked me up and we called it a day.

I have no more spare tires or tubes for my 36″ wheel and I no longer trust the rim on my KH 36 Schlumpf.  I still have my Oracle 36, and my Schlumpf 29.  So tomorrow I will lick my wounds and try again.

Totals for the day: 14.1 miles at 9 mph, 680 ft assent, 350 decent.

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3 Responses to Day 1 completed with a blowout

  1. Bill Sedivy says:

    Hey Dave – not a bad first day, all things considered. Tomorrow will be better. Take it slow, my friend. Rooting for you in Idaho. Bill, Maryl and Eddy

  2. Skunky says:

    The adventures begin… glad you have a sense of humor and determination – sounds like you’ll need both! Can only imagine what the drivers are thinking as they pass you – holy smokes the traffic! Be safe – glad Joan has your back!

  3. Scott Arnold says:

    That’s a rough start, especially with the blowouts. I’ve had several flats, but never a blowout. I rode with one of the new transparent tubes for a while, but I had several flats, so I switched back to the Coker tube. Hopefully you’ll get that problem solved.

    Scott Arnold

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