Gulf Shores Al. Day 76

My legs are sore.  (You big baby) Another beautiful day to ride.  Partly sunny with a sea breeze.  On to the “infamous” Dauphin Island.  Fortunately there was only a light breeze when I rode over the causeway to the island.  There is a good shoulder on the causeway but it is high and only has small walls on the sides, well below the seat of my uni.  It gave me the hebe gebes.

Starting Over Dauphin Island Causeway

Starting Over Dauphin Island Causeway

Approaching the Bridge

Approaching the Bridge

I Thought Alabama was flat.

I Thought Alabama was flat.

I made it over the causeway and rode up to the ferry line just as it started loading.  My support crew arrived just behind me and we proceeded onto the ferry to cross the Mobile Bay.

Crossing Mobile Bay by Ferry (cheater)

Crossing Mobile Bay by Ferry (cheater)

We camped on Dauphin Island the night before I arrived by unicycle.  I spent the night there once before, but that’s another story.  We Stopped at the Pelican Pub to prove a guy can have just one beer there.  My crew convinced me to have another, but we managed to escape after just two.  That wasn’t the case the last time I visited the establishment.

Pelican Pub  The scene of the crime

Pelican Pub The scene of the crime

Just on beer or two

Just on beer or two

Pelican Pub Dock

Pelican Pub Dock

After crossing the bay I rode another 20 miles to Gulf Shores Al.  I could see my crew was drooling over the beach so to avoid a mutiny I declared we would take a break tomorrow and give the crew some R&R.  Really it was the rider who needed the R&R, but don’t tell the crew.  Can you blame us.

Gulf Shores Beach.  Can you blame us?

Gulf Shores Beach. Can you blame us?

Day 76 Stats: Rode 30.58 miles at 12.2 mph, Max speed=16 mph, Calories=1211, Ave Heart rate=119, Max heart rate=157, Ascent=246, Descent=226, Max elevation=114, Min elevation= -8, After riding 63 days I have covered 2425 miles.

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8 Responses to Gulf Shores Al. Day 76

  1. jo ann says:

    Looks great, it’s your Ride you get to say how it goes!

  2. J Wooster says:

    Great pics! Just keep on keepin’ on. Will soon be over. Aunt Judy

  3. Pat says:

    Dave, I’m really glad you made it back to Pelican Pub. When I read your account of the ride I was afraid you jumped on the ferry without seeing the site of Dennis’s demise. Was that same barmaid there? I’m glad you and your crew made it out of there unscathed.

  4. Beth says:

    I work at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, and a friend and I, and apparently a number of our coworkers passed you on Thursday… we cheered out the window and took your picture… hope you don’t mind! Great job, keep it up!

  5. katie says:

    oh good heavens! hebe gebes are no relation to leishmaniacs are they? that is one crazy bridge.

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