The Shores of Mobile Bay (Day 75)

Today my legs protested about the mileage I rode yesterday.  I am in such poor shape, even though the roads were smooth and flat I was only able to ride for 2:35, covering 30 miles.

The day was a bit more humid but mercifully overcast.  There was enough of a breeze in my face much of the time that my quads thought I was riding up hill.  Tomorrow should be a short riding day as I plan to assault the infamous Dauphin Island.  Then connect with a ferry to cross the Mobile Bay.

Stats for riding day 62:  Rode 30.01 miles at 11.7 mph, Max= 16.1 mph, Calories=1156, Ave Heart rate= 129, Max Heart rate= 155, Ascent=446, Descent=551, Max elevation=125, Min elevatioin= 10′, Rode for 2:35, over 3:12.  Ave Temp=74 degrees.

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2 Responses to The Shores of Mobile Bay (Day 75)

  1. Dennis says:

    Just get on the ferry right away, do not be lured by the Island.

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