Day 73, (5/12/13) Riding day 60

I Rode through many back roads, some better than others.  Still finding rolling hills slowing me down some, but the landscape is very picturesque.

I was sitting on the side of the road minding my own business just enjoying the sun when this guy on a unicycle nearly ran me over.  I uncoiled myself and took off just as his wheel came along side.  You should have seen him levitate off his seat.  I thought the rider and unicycle were going to go airborne.  Fortunately I am a black racer and very quick.

I had ridden over 50 miles when I turned onto a nice smooth road.  A minute later three bicyclists passed me.  I stepped up my pace pedaling as hard as I could but I just couldn’t keep up with them.

My crew passed me and pulled off the road.  It was about time to stop so I got off.  Joan asked me how far I had ridden and I said two more miles would give me the longest day of the trip.  She said you have to do it.  Two miles later I had broken my trip record for miles in one day by one tenth of a mile.

I started around east of Poplarville and finished in the middle of nowhere, about 35 miles west of the Alabama border and about 15 miles north of Biloxi Mississippi.

Stats for day 73: Rode 60.41 miles at 12.7 mph, Ascent=1696′, Descent=1942′, Max elevation=323′, Min elevation=51′, Ave heart rate=106, Max heart rate=134, Ave temp=74, Calories burned=1375, Total trip miles=2327

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