Day 72 (5/11/13) Franklinton LA to Poplarville Mississippi

Louisiana is done.  Perhaps the friendliest state so far.  Welcome to Mississippi.

Welcome to Mississippi

Welcome to Mississippi

The crew ordered up some more thunderstorms so she could sleep in but we got a timely start anyway.  There were a few challenging roads today, but there were many route changes and most of the roads were in good condition and carried little traffic.  I zigged and zagged my way through rolling farms.

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Even the locals were wondering what I was doing on some of the back roads on my way to Poplarville.  One fella started to try and give me directions but decided I would just get lost.  I assured him I had maps.  I just needed to convince my crew which way to go.

Stats for day 72: I rode 50.04 miles at 12.4 mph, Max=17.8 mph, Ascent=1260′, Descent=1089′, Max elevation=247′, Min elevation= -25′ (blub blub), Ave heart rate=109, Max heart rate=137, Ave temp=71 degrees, Calories burned=1205.  Trip miles=2266.

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1 Response to Day 72 (5/11/13) Franklinton LA to Poplarville Mississippi

  1. Mom says:

    Having trouble keeping up with what state you are in. Snowed today in Newbury!!!! Stay safe.

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