Day 66 (5/5/13) East of De Ridder to West of Mamou

Day 67 was unseasonably cold again with a modest north wind.  I wore long sleeves all day and noticed the crawfish were all wearing little wet suits as I passed the crawfish farms.  Rode by some rude cows staring at me while I had lunch.

What y'all looking at?

What y’all looking at?

Rode across a couple from Quebec, Sophie and Andre  who were riding recumbent tricycles pulling trailers.  They cycled from Quebec to Saint Augustine Florida and now they are following the Southern Tier from there to Austin Texas.

Sophie and Andre from Quebec

Sophie and Andre from Quebec

I was excited to finish my ride today because we had arranged to stay at Cheryl and Ralph’s house in Ville Platte.  Cheryl is the younger sister of Pat one of my best friends.  We were all on the unicycle team together when we were kids.  It was great to see a familiar face so far from home, and a real surprise because I didn’t know they lived so close to my route.  They have an amazing farm, and I enjoyed their company to much to take the time for my blog.

Stats for day 66: I rode 51.32 at 13 mph, Max=16.6 mph, Ascent=249′, Descent=315′, Max elevation=164′, Min elevation=40′, Ave heart rate=103, Max heart rate=130, Ave temp=68, Calories burned =1008, Total trip miles=2011

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1 Response to Day 66 (5/5/13) East of De Ridder to West of Mamou

  1. jo ann says:

    Congrats on passing 2000 miles!!

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