Day 65 Texas is Done Welcome to Louisiana 5/4/13

Texas is finally done :).  It was 37 degrees when we woke up, but the sun warmed us quickly.  The roads were mostly smooth and flat and the traffic was moderate.  Once I got to route 190 I had good shoulder to ride on.

Early on a fox crossed the road 40 feet in front of me.  Before I left Texas I was chased by dogs twice more.  One was a sneak attack by a little hound who never barked until he crossed the road and was 5 feet from my wheel.

Welcome to Louisiana.

Welcome to Louisiana, Goodbye Texas

Welcome to Louisiana, Goodbye Texas

I rode three miles into Louisiana when I saw a trooper pull over ahead of me.  He turned his lights off and just stayed in the shoulder.  I thought maybe he wanted to talk to me but as I road up he didn’t get out of his car so I just went out into the road around him since he was blocking my path.  His window was down so I said good morning as I rode by.  He never uttered a sound.  I guess if you have seen one cross-country unicyclist you’ve seen them all.

A short ways latter I saw a sign telling me how to evacuate.  I’m not sure how friendly this state is going to be.  🙂

Good to know.

Good to know.

I figure If I had three days notice of a hurricane and I played the wind right I could get at least 150 miles away from the area.  Maybe more with a little adrenalin.

I was tooling along at about 15 mph and just about to take my first sandwich break when I broke a spoke.  When this happens the wheel almost always goes out of true enough to drag a little on the brake, so I had to stop and replace it.  I must be eating too much, that’s the second spoke I broke in just over a week.

Stats for day 65: I rode 54.03 miles at 13.5 mph, Max=17 mph, Ascent=735′, Descent=689′, Max elevation=220′, Min elevation=77′, Ave heart rate=110, Max heart rate=135, Ave temp=76 degrees, Calories burned=1372.  Total trip miles=1959


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4 Responses to Day 65 Texas is Done Welcome to Louisiana 5/4/13

  1. suziknits2013 says:

    I’m thinking that if you had a hurricane warning there would probably be a good bit of adrenaline pumping through your veins. Maybe you could just hoist your sails and roll with it.

  2. katie says:

    that cop was probably just wondering what the heck those texas dogs had chased across the border this time. who knows, maybe the dogs name is hurricane? anyway you must be glad to see texas in your rear view mirror. that was one wide state to cross!! look out louisandanna here comes the rider and his crew : ) laissez les bon temps rouler ( and the wheel too)

  3. Marylee says:

    Congrats on getting thru another state – .looks like an interesting one already..

  4. JimSo says:

    Don’t know if NOLA is on the itinerary, but a tall man with a white beard cruising into town on a unicycle will certainly not be something out of the ordinary there.

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