Day 56 (4/25/13) Blanco to Wimberley (riding day 45)

Day 56 was a very short day. Joan and I spent over 2 hours tearing apart my truck looking for my cycle meter.  She called a number of the places we had been over the past few days including the hotel we stayed at two days ago twice.  The second time she called she had them check the room and they found it.  I’m telling you motels/hotels will be my undoing.

Joan drove to Kyle to retrieve my cycle meter and I set off toward Wimberley.  As I rode I could feel my handle getting wiggley.  I stopped to check it out and discovered it was breaking at a weld.  I continued to ride gingerly into Wimberley.

One might ask why do you need a handle on a unicycle?  I would have to admit you don’t.  However I find it very useful to keep my balance when riding in high gear and use it for leverage when pulling up hills.  I also find if I hang on to the handle I don’t look like a windmill going down the road.

Joan retrieved my cycle meter and called when she got to Wimberley.  I said I was just entering the town.  It was a little early to stop, but I needed time to switch handles with one of my other unicyles.  So after only 23 miles we stopped for the day.

Joan found us a great place to stay.  Wimberley emergency medical services graciously host cyclists, and allowed us to use their facilities for the night.  They are right in town and were very friendly and welcoming.

Stats for 56: rode 22.93 miles at 9.9 mph, Max=15.9 mph, Ascent=1115, Descent=1526, Max elevation=1445′, Min elevation=891′, No heart rate or calorie info.


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5 Responses to Day 56 (4/25/13) Blanco to Wimberley (riding day 45)

  1. Alex Bevan says:

    Wow… what a day… swallow hard.. square up… don’t screw up…… awww … i sound like a marine…………… ride on buddy…. sending mojo your way!

    • unirider0 says:

      Aleeex, welcome aboard. We were in a little place in Wimberley Texas we could picture you playing there. It was a beautiful setting and the right crowd on a Thursday night.

  2. katie says:

    you can’t really blame that poor lil’ cycle meter for hiding under the bed. the poor thing was probably exhausted! just when it thought the toughest part of it’s day was keeping away from the maids vaccuum….seriously, i am sorry about that entire debacle. it entered my mind to check under the bed as we were leaving. woulda coulda shoulda! the good news is tomorrow has GOT to be a better day!! roll on!

  3. Marylee says:

    That is a rough way to start the day! Glad you were able to find it! I agree with Katie – today will be much better..full steam ahead!

  4. knucklehead was probably tired of being maligned on your blog day after day. he/she/it has most certainly been plotting this for some time.

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