Day 51(4/20/13) They Say Comfort Texas is about the half way point in my route

On Day 51 I rode from Hunt to a ways beyond Comfort TX.  Come to think of it I ride everyday beyond comfort.  I’ve been told by other cyclists that Comfort Texas is about the half way point on my route.  I’m not sure if I should take comfort in that.  It’s hard to imagine  doing what I’ve done so far all over again.

My quads rallied today with the help of a sympathetic route.  Most of the route was flat or easy down grade, if a bit convoluted.  Some of the back roads were fairly bumpy tar and chip, but they toured me through meadows and pastures and along streams and oh ya, I crossed the Guadalupe River 7 more times today.

Apparently the route gave the navigator in the crew a little difficulty today.  I passed a couple of cyclists today who would occasionally catch up to me when I would stop to check my own navigation.  They thought I was stopping to take pictures.  When I told them I was checking my route on my GPS they helpfully inquired where I was going.  When I said St Augustine Florida, instead of giving me directions they just said oh.

In Comfort I rode across the couple of kids who passed me in Leakey two days earlier.  Apparently they took yesterday off.  They were taking comfort in a couple of ice cream cones.  I know you won’t believe this but I pressed on without doing the same.  It just didn’t seem proper to have my ice cream before noon.  Now if it had been a beer that would have been a different story.

Stats for Day 51: Rode for 46.01 miles at 10.9 mph, Max=15.2 mph, Ascent=1178, Descent=1453′, Max elevation=1665′, Min elevation=1174′, Ave heart rate=108, Max heart rate=139, Ave temp=70, Calories burned=1335, Total trip miles=1509

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4 Responses to Day 51(4/20/13) They Say Comfort Texas is about the half way point in my route

  1. I’ve been hanging out with some St. Helen grads lately (purportedly to help organize the upcoming reunion in May, but mostly I’ve been trying to get them back on their uni’s and talking up your adventure) We decided that a comeback tour of sorts was a fine idea, so we’re riding in the Maple Fest parades. We had 9 former members and 3 of their children practicing drills at the beach parking lot at Punderson. It was pretty funny. There were some fine looking Schwinns there. We may have as many a 16 riders at each parade.
    Have you heard of drinking pickle juice for muscle fatigue? Apparently it’s the latest thing.

  2. Meredith Bannon says:

    Hi Dave,
    Nice to meet you yesterday. We are the two cyclists you ran into in between Sisterdale and Blanco. Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures of the mountains we are headed towards. Good luck and enjoy the soon to be flat ride!
    Meredith and Fletcher Bouvier

  3. Mom says:

    Congrads on the half way mark. Somehow I think that sampling some of those 100 odd beers would be more appealing than pickle juice. Stay safe.

    • suziknits2013 says:

      probably so on the beer. it goes better with ice cream (unless he’s pregnant…) that would certainly get media coverage! lol!

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