Day 38 Just another day in the life of a cross country unicyclist

Day 38 turned out better than expected.  Strong cross winds were predicted, and eventually came, but not before I made some significant mileage.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel after the mammoth day yesterday, but the road was smooth and flat.  I did ascend over 800 feet through the ride, but the gain was stretched out over 45 miles.

I am riding southeast on route 90 out of Van Horn.  This stretch is technically off route for but I am hoping to cut some hills and distance out of the course.  I will rejoin the route in Alpine TX in about another 60 miles.  This decision was based on the advice of our friends David and Jo Ann.  So far so good.

I did pass a very unique site while riding, and regret not stopping to take a picture.  It was a box like building maybe 30’x15’ and 15’ tall.  The building was just off the road about 20 feet.  The front was mostly window and as I passed all I could see were high heel shoes.  On the building were the words Marfa Prada.  I didn’t feel too bad for not stopping, I figure most unicyclists passing through don’t’ bother to stop since they don’t carry unicyling shoes.

Marfa Prada Shoe store in the middle of no where

Marfa Prada Shoe store in the middle of no where

The winds picked up before I finished but that was probably the easiest 45 miles I have ridden on a unicycle.

Stats for Day 38:  45.18 miles at 12.7 mph (highest average speed on the trip to date), Ascended 804’, Descended 206’, Max elevation=4598’ , Min elevation=3900 , Average heart rate=104, Max heart rate =157’ Average temp=77 degrees , Calories burned=1010, (yesterday’s calories were omitted 1248)  Largest 2 day total=98+ miles.

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5 Responses to Day 38 Just another day in the life of a cross country unicyclist

  1. Mom says:

    Better mark that Marfa Prada shoe store for KT. No shoe store is too far away!!!

  2. suziknits2013 says:

    I always ride in the little red tennis I bought in O.C. They are very good unicycling shoes. We did 7 miles today and I made it up the boat dock hill at Punderson. (had to bail 3/4 of the way up last time)

  3. katie says:

    so i was a little curious about this shoe store in the middle of no where. since i am the shoe suri i googled. wiki claims that what you saw is a ‘ sculpture’. the shoes on display are actual prada shoes, the handbags have security devices inside them. when the sculpture was first built it was vandalized, and the robbers hopped off with 14 right shoes. ( Ilene i know you are out there somewhere). the original plan was to make the art installation so it would eventually degrade and go back into the earth. After it was vandalized they had to make it sturdier so i wouldnt get destroyed. i have to say, as someone who love shoes, this shrine is a train wreck.

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