Day 37, Tailwinds and benchmarks

Day 37 (day 31 riding) 4/6/13.  The winds had my back today so I launched my spinnakar   and set sail for Van Horn TX.  As it turns out I didn’t have to ride Interstate 10 as much as I thought I would.  I rode a rough shoulder uphill on I 10 for two miles and then crossed over on a marginal rode that seemed to lead nowhere.

I thought I had the road to myself then 5 cars passed me.  I climbed from 3700 feet up to 4200 feet then crossed back over to I 10.  Once again I manged to make it through the border patrol, and continued for 6 more miles then exited at Serra Blanca.  I rode past my truck but my crew had abandoned ship.  I replenished by water and continued on a marginal road for another 22 miles playing the spinnakar the whole way.  The skipper would have be proud, I hit 15.2 and without any cavitation.

I think two cars passed me during that stretch.  Then I came upon a fork in the road and zigged when I should have zagged.  I ended up on very broken pavement then gravel for a mile before I rejoined my route.  Back on to I 10 for the last 9 miles before dousing the spinnakar for the day.

Benchmark #1- Longest day to date at 53.42 miles.  Benchmark #2 -1000+ miles on the trip.

Stats for Day 37: 53.42 miles at 11.7 mph, Max=15.2 mph, Ascent=1568′, Descent=1135′, Max elevation=4636′, Min elevation=3588′, Ave heart rate=104, Max heart rate=141, Ave temp=85, Total miles on the trip=1006.6, Calories burned=1248 (enough for two milkshakes)

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12 Responses to Day 37, Tailwinds and benchmarks

  1. Mom says:

    Congrads on your new milestones. I’m liking your menu (french toast) and cool drinks!!! Where’s your umbrella?

  2. suziknits2013 says:

    I was thinking about you yesterday. I got out on my coker. Did 5.37m on the northern portion of the bike path. I had rubber legs at first, but settled in for a nice little ride. So you rode 10x further than I did and a lot faster. I think I maxed at 9.4mph. Congrats on the 1000+. Keep on rollin’.

  3. John Chantler says:

    You deserve a longneck in the Texas heat to celebrate.

  4. jo ann says:

    Yeah, your first 1000 ! Nice place to have all these accomplishments too… Texas is a wide state and feels like it goes on forever… but after that you’ll zip through the states much faster. Ride On!!

    • unirider0 says:

      I am about 15 miles from rejoining the route in Alpine. I just need to get a good start in the morning and I will be back on the route tomorrow. I have been enjoying the lonely roads in Texas.

  5. Marylee says:

    You are doing so awesome..Uncle Bob would be so proud as are all of us!

  6. Matt Stimson says:

    I’ve been stalking your blog and look forward to your posts as I have been living vicariously through your stories. Congrats on your two new milestones. I wish I could do what you’ve been doing. From a fellow unicyclist and wanna be sailor. Matt.

    • unirider0 says:

      Thanks for your support. I just pedal one revolution at a time and try and stay on top.

      • suziknits2013 says:

        I hear ya. You are my inspiration! I check out your posts almost every day, but usually don’t think about the magnitude of what you are doing because I’m used to you doing big things. And then I look at it from a normal human perspective and get blown away!

      • suziknits2013 says:

        like the old CB saying: keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up.

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