Day 19 Out of Phoenix Finally.

Day 19 peppered the ride with more traffic lights and traffic, but I am finally done with Phoenix.  Of course I had mostly light head winds and a gradual climb all day.  I switched shoes and am able to shift the KH 36 better and pushed high gear much of the day.

We are spending our last night with Joan’s friend Phyllis so I knocked off a little early after 35.5 miles.  Back on route 60 tomorrow toward Globe.  I will be climbing most of the day depending on how far I ride.

I have been thinking about altering my course to ride whatever direction puts the wind at my back until I cover the 3000 miles and call it a crossing.  It would be very interesting to see where I actually end up.

Stats for Day 19:  35.5 miles at 10.8 mph, with a max speed of 14.7.  Ave heart rate 109, max heart rate 135, Ascent=810′, Descent=125′, max elevation=1787′, min elevation=1097.    Garmin gives me credit for 1108 calories burned.  Ave temp=84 degrees.  And oh yea it was sunny today.  452 miles pedaled to date.

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3 Responses to Day 19 Out of Phoenix Finally.

  1. suziknits2013 says:

    rolling along with the wind would classify you as a tumblewee, I think.

  2. John Chantler says:

    Dave, looking at the miles you have pedaled so far, if you left Newbury going east, you would be in Ocean City, NJ already, probably sipping a Sierra Pale Ale. Keep it going. I read everyday. Amazing story! John C.

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