Day 18 (15th day riding) Riding Through Phoenix.

Day 18 I rode 38 miles from Surprise a norther suburb of Phoenix, to the southern suburb of Tempe.  Progress was slow stopping at many intersections.  I just couldn’t time most of the lights and had to dismount  and remount numerous times.  Consequently my butt never got very sore, but my ankle took a beating from shifting.

Back again in Maricopa tonight to stay with Joan’s friend Phyllis. Yesterday on my layover day I hung out with Phyllis’s friend Mike who is my age and also rides a unicycle.  He has a little 20′ uni, and after taking a spin on my 29″ he is considering something bigger.  I also received a tire and some spare tubes.  I put a heavier duty tube back on the KH 36″ Schlumpf, and a tire and heavy duty tube on my Oracle 36.  I now have 2 spare tubes but am waiting on some spare tires.

Phyllis's friend Mike trying out my 29

Phyllis’s friend Mike trying out my 29

There a seven maps that route the Southern Tier route I am taking and I finished the first map today.  Wahoo!!

On Tuesday I will be battling street lights again most of the day.

Day 18 stats:  38 miles logged at 9.4 mph, Max=14.7, Ave heart rate 106, max heart rate 138,  Ascent=541, Descent 571, max elevation=1252, min elevation=1078, Ave temp 87 dgr.

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1 Response to Day 18 (15th day riding) Riding Through Phoenix.

  1. jo ann says:

    Looks like you’ve found a riding buddy!

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