Heading South Again

I am heading South Again.  Joan wants to drive across the country and said I could tag along but I couldn’t ride in the car, so starting in San Diego California I will ride my unicycle while she drives across the country.  Our destination is St Augustine Florida.  Roughly a 3000 mile trip.  I am planning to leave San Diego on March 1st.  How long will it take?  Sounds like a opportunity to make a wager.

Will he make it?  If not how far will he make it?  If so when will he finish.  Just make sure all of your winnings go to my cause to help fund research for A.L.S

The machines for the task. My workhorse is a blue KH Schlumpf 36” with a two speed hub and a shadow handle. This machine loves the flat open road. My back up is a black Schlumpf original 29”. This machine is an experienced unicycle used in the Ride the Lobster multistage road race across Nova Scotia. The newest member of the fleet is a Unicycle.com Nimbus Oracle 36”. This will come in handy if I have any gearing failures or just get tired of shifting.
Then there is Big Blue, my Dodge Ram 2500 with a modified cap. It is equipped with solar panels and an auxiliary battery to run all my gadgets. Big blue will serve as my shuttle vehicle and sag wagon and home during this unicycle adventure across the country.

The Machines for the cross country trip

The Machines for the cross country trip








I hit the road to drive south on Feb 16th and plan to make a few stops along the way and maybe even ride my unicycle a little to prepare.

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