Day 89 From Suwanne River State Park to Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Today was one of the best riding days on Stage 2.  It was 57 degrees when I started, and the average temperature for the ride was 70 degrees.  I had the breeze on my port or starboard quarter all day, so I popped the shoot and sailed along.  Even after the rest day I finally grew weary after 48 miles of relatively fast riding.

I was passed by many logging trucks today.  They must all attend a special logging truck driving school.  They never drive under the speed limit regardless of circumstances, and are sure to drive safely, never crossing the center line.  However one driver must not have finished in the top of his class because today he slowed down and went into the other lane when he passed me.  Although he did have another motorist right in front of him showing him the line.

My opinion of buzzards rose a little today.  I saw a total of three dead buzzards along the road but was surprised when I did not see any of them being picked over by their brethren.  Apparently even buzzards have standards.

Tomorrow I hope to make it to Gainesville Fl.

Day 89 (Riding day 73) Stats: Rode 48.12 miles at 13 mph, Max=17.3 mph, Calories=1303, Ave heart rate=117, Max heart rate=165, Ascent=712′, Descent= 751′, Max elevation=206′, Min elevation=39, Temp= 70 degrees, Rode 3:42 out of 4:26, Total trip miles=2830

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1 Response to Day 89 From Suwanne River State Park to Ichetucknee Springs State Park

  1. jo ann says:

    Your distance is amazing… keep on riding!

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