Around Pensacola Bay (Day 79)

I Rode from Pensacola up around the Pensacola bay.  This route is considered a scenic road through the Bluffs of Florida.  Most tourists enjoy a ride along a scenic highway, but when I am riding on my unicycle I interpret scenic as challenging.  Somehow in one of the flattest states in the union I managed to ascend and descend over nine hundred feet.  That would have been an easy day in stage one, but not so much since I resumed my ride.

On top of that my crew got out ahead of me when I was riding a section of bike path from Milton. When my crew called to check where I was the call was dropped so I didn’t know what they were going to do.  They must not have been able to find reverse because by the time I caught up with them, I ended up riding my longest day for stage two .  Between the heat, humidity, hills, and the distance I was a whipped pup.

Day 79 Stats: Rode 37.83 miles at 11.3 mph, Max=17 mph, Cal=1220, Ave heart rate=116, Max heart rate=142, Ascent=947, Descent=935, Temperature= 80 degrees, Total time=4:12, Riding time=3:21, Total trip miles=2498

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1 Response to Around Pensacola Bay (Day 79)

  1. jo ann says:

    Dave, check your stats are you sure that wasn’t 10 ft Just joking I get it… at this stage, the overpasses are too high! Keep on riding…

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