Heading for Stage Two of My Cross Country Unicycle Adventure

It is October 1st and my crew Joan (her multiple personalities) and I are heading to Mississippi to begin stage two of my unicycle trip across the country.  The first stage was interrupted by my Leishmaniasis friends.  I am healed now but no where near in shape, which is not surprising because I trained for this stage just like I did for the previous stage, with a river trip.

Bill, Maryl, Joan, Slick and I floated eight days on the Middle Fork of the Salmon river.

Always an adventure I had a great Middle Fork trip once I lowered my weather expectations.  We hate to leave cold soggy Idaho for warmer climates but the time has come to move on to our next adventure.

We will travel from Boise Idaho to where I left off riding on May 12th near Biloxi Mississippi.  The plan is to start riding again on October 6th or 7th.  Stay tuned for more updates when the ride begins.

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3 Responses to Heading for Stage Two of My Cross Country Unicycle Adventure

  1. Mom says:

    Although you may not be in as good as shape as you were when you had to delay your ride — 700 miles sounds lot better than 3,000

  2. katie says:

    yay my favorite show is back on the air again!!! sorry to hear it was soggy in Idaho. At least you weren’t 50 miles west hiking through the snow with terry & co. enjoy your drive. looking forward to the next installment of the wheel hitting the pavement.

  3. Debbie Daniels says:

    LOL!!! Still laughing about your “crew” comments…. Joan and her multiple personalities! You’re a lucky man to have all of those personalities with you!! Stop again in FL at the end of your trail if you can!

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