Day 63 (5/2/13) Coldspring to Kountze, almost matched the day.

Day 62 awoke with a wind advisory.  Winds from the NNE were expected to build throughout the day, with a 30% chance of rain and thunder showers.  My goal was the usual recipe, make as many miles as I could before the weather disrupted my riding.

At one point in the ride breathing was difficult and the humidity was 99+ % but my GPS explained these phenomena.  I was 22 feet below sea level.

The weather held off, the roads were flat, and the overcast skies, coupled with a day off yesterday and some determination to make some miles lead to a grand result.  I rode the first 30 miles at 13.7 mph, but fatigue eventually slowed me down so that by the next 30 miles my average fell to 13.5 mph on the day.  That’s right you read correctly, a new high score of 60.32 miles for a day.

My crew played leapfrog with me throughout the day and no matter how fast I pedaled they seemed to expect where they would run across me next.  One of these days I’m going to show them.  I will hitch a ride for 50 miles and see if they anticipate where I’ll be.  Don’t tell my crew.

The crew declared it wasn’t all that scenic today.  The rider has come to the conclusion the more scenic the area the harder the ride.

In celebration of my great ride today we chose to stay at a nice RV park in Silsbee Texas.  Rita the park manager said the owners Tina and Jeff were cyclist friendly and gave us a favorable rate when we I was riding my unicycle across the country to help raise awareness and funds for research for A.L.S.

I recommend Red Cloud RV Park weather your pedaling or driving through the Silsbee area.

Red Cloud RV Park a very friendly and pleasant place stay.

Red Cloud RV Park a very friendly and pleasant place stay.

Stats for day 63: I rode 60.32 miles at 13.5 mph, Max=19.4 mph, Ascent=584′, Descent=837′, Max elevation=259′, Min elevation= -22′, Ave heart rate=112, Max heart rate=136, Ave temp=71, Calories burned=1511 (strange it didn’t feel like a calorie over 1400)

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3 Responses to Day 63 (5/2/13) Coldspring to Kountze, almost matched the day.

  1. Marylee says:

    Astonished! Flabbergasted! Amazed! I cannot believe you rode so many miles! I am in awe – Well Done!

  2. you keep breaking your distance records like that and you’ll have another pedal to the point day by the time you get to Fla! 22′ below sea level and 99+ humidity, are you sure you weren’t riding through a river or lake? I don’t think you should try to combine all your adventures in one activity.

  3. Mom says:

    Are you trying for another “pedal to the point” day?

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