Day 60 a Day of Stats (4/29/13)

My legs were tired and stiff after the big day yesterday.  I rode a little bit too fast for too long, so today I vowed to take it easier.  Yesterday’s ride came very close to making my biggest two day total but not quite.  However today’s ride combined with yesterday’s ride managed to accomplish that achievement.

The two days together equaled 104 miles eclipsing the old 101 mark.  The past three days together also set a new three day total of 150 miles.  If I ride tomorrow I am definitely going to take it easier.

There are 7 maps that make up the southern tier route, and today I rode off of map 4 and onto map 5.  Unfortunately the last three maps have no elevation profile, presumably because there is so little change in elevation.  So from here on out any hills I encounter will be a surprise.  You can guess what kind of a surprise.

Today I rode from east of Burton to just west of Richards.  By noon I just felt whipped out and unsure how much further I could go.  In Anderson the route changed to 149 which initially was a bit hilly.  My crew came by just as I was slogging up a long hill so she waited at the top.  I had a half hour before my magic 2:00 pm quitting time so I told Joan at 2:00 drive to wherever I am. The road flattened out so I gave everything I had the last half hour and rode nearly 7 miles, before she picked me up.

Day 60 stats: Rode 50.25 miles at 11.9 mph, Max=17.6 mph, Ascent=1829’, Descent=2010, Max elevation=517′, Min elevation=196 , Ave heart rate=107, Max=143, Ave temp=74, Calories burned=1287, Total trip miles=1753.

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