Day 43 Head winds and waves. (Riding day 36) 4/12/13

Day 43 opened with a light breeze on my bowsprit I continued to beat into progressively stronger headwinds and waves all day.  Waves you say?  You’re in the middle of the desert.  Not really waves but riding the rolling hills into headwinds felt like I was going up and down big wind waves all day.  In some perverse way I think I preferred the headwinds to crosswinds.

Saw this guy the last couple of days.  I wonder how he fairs in the wind.

Strange bike

Strange bike

The hills were just steep enough to force me into low gear, the rest of the time I powered on in high gear against the wind.  The crosswinds make balancing much harder than headwinds.  After 40 miles I was spent.

Last hill on day 43

Last hill on day 43

Stats for day 43: Rode 40.21 miles at 10.6 mph, Max=16.2 mph, Ascent=860′ (felt like the whole way), Descent=1959′ (all felt like up hill), Max elevation=2666, Min elevation=1470′, Ave heart rate=103, Max heart rate=141, Ave temp=66 degrees, Calories burned=1038. Total trip miles=1234.

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3 Responses to Day 43 Head winds and waves. (Riding day 36) 4/12/13

  1. jo ann says:

    Ride on!!

  2. katie says:

    i always try to think of headwinds as lift. cross winds are just annoying. i don’t know what they have to be so cross about, but they should stop taking it out on you.

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