Day 24(20 riding) One half of the Bell Curve

We spent our layover day on day 23 with Phyllis and Mike who graciously delivered my spare tires and tubes.  We went to 3 places in Globe in search of quality beer.  Best I could find was Fat Tire on tap at the Drift Inn, which is reported to be one of the oldest bars in Arizona, established in 1902.

We did enjoy a round on the house at Stella’s Tap House.  Oddly enough they only had three taps.  Then we played some pool, acted real cool and stayed out ’till 9:00 pm.  We stayed at a Motel 6 for the night against my better judgement.  I was concerned I would get soft.  In the morning we had breakfast together and said our goodbyes.   Besides having breakfast we had to drive 60 miles into Pima where I left off.  Consequently I got off to a late start.

Off I went on a smooth route 70 gradually ascending.  I caught all the lights green through Thatcher and Safford riding the first 10 miles without a break at 12.7 mph.  I managed to keep pushing in high gear until I rolled for 25 miles on the day at 12. 5 mph.

My crew came upon me after shopping and washing the truck, and I thought I was getting a workout.  Then the bell curve got steeper checking me back into low gear.  With a little help from tail winds I kept my cadence up and went another 10 miles for 35 on the day.

Tomorrow will be the second half of the bell.  Unfortunately the bell tolls twice.

Joan says I’m not but the sign says otherwise.



For those of my friends back home who have been battling a lingering winter,  Don’t think I am unsympathetic.  It looks as if it snowed here recently

Looks like it snowed here recently

Looks like it snowed here recently

Stats for day 24: 35.34 miles at 11.4 mph, Max=15.1 mph, Ascent=1909′ Descent=95′, Max elevation=4756′, Min elevation=2901′, Ave heart rate=118, Max heart rate=143, Ave  temp=78 degrees.  Garmin says I burned 1208 calories.

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5 Responses to Day 24(20 riding) One half of the Bell Curve

  1. Brian (crockodile sandwich) Thorpe says:

    Following you religiously. Stay away from that fake snow! We are in Florida so not sufferring low temps!

  2. katie says:

    expecting a sprinkling of the white stuff here tomorrow. yikes!

  3. Aunt Judy says:

    about 2 inches here in rocky river. NOW I think I am getting sick of this stuff! Keep on a peddlin’ Love the blogs.

  4. suziknits2013 says:

    just a dusting (3 inches) in chardon this a.m. been at it all day.

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