Day 21 (day 18 riding) Recovery Test

Day 21 was a test day to see how well I recovered from my climbing.  My legs were a little stiff and weak but no real pain.  I started descending where I left off a several miles west of  Miami.  I had to hold back using the brake much of the time so it was slow going at first.  When I rolled into town I was able to use high gear on the KH much of the way.

Miami bleeds into Claypool, which runs into Globe.  It feels like one long town.  I climbed a little leaving of town then began a gradual descent along a smooth (as long as I stayed off the shoulders) route 60.  I was able to use high gear until the cross winds and hills around Peridot had me slog along in first.  I managed to ride a ways west of Peridot.

Some Native Americans staged at a pull out called out to me to stop.  They asked me questions about my ride and said they have problems with diabetes and filmed me while I talked about the benefits of eating right and getting plenty of exercise.  They were going to show it to kids to encourage better habits.  Those poor kids.  Then they took a picture of me with a guy dressed as smokey the bear.

Stats for Day 21:  38.9 miles at 9.9 mph.  Ave heart rate=100, Max heart rate=134, Ascent=1394′, Descent=2651′, max elevation=4253′, min elevation=2599.  Garmin claims I burned 1073 calories.  New bench mark now over 500 miles for the trip.  522, about 1/6th of the way.

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  1. suziknits2013 says:

    Sarah almost fell over laughing at the comment about the “poor kids”. Seriously though, maybe you’ll help with diabetes prevention/awareness also.

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