Day 9 Made Some Miles 3/9/13

Day 9 (8th day of riding) 3/9/13.  The day opened with 10 to 15 mph west cross winds as I rode from El Centro headed north toward Brawley.  Bumpy roads and cross winds made the first 14 miles a little slow, but when I hung a right in Brawley and proceeded west, the roads smoothed out and I made some miles.

There wasn’t much of a berm but there wasn’t too much traffic so I punched into high gear and cruised along.  Nineteen miles East of Brawley I called it a day with my longest to date at 35 miles.  Still trying not to push to hard but these conditions are what my KH 36″Schlumpf was made for.  I switched the tire and tube from my Oracle 36 two days before and so far no blowouts.  I’m riding on the only tire and tube I have for my 36ers.

Looking forward to seeing the Imperial sand dunes tomorrow as we head toward Glamis CA.

Stats for Day 9:  Rode 35 miles, at 10.7 mph, with a max speed of 14.8 mph, Ascended 331′  Descended 197′  Min elevation 98′ below sea level, Max elevation 135′ above. Ave temp 75 degrees.  Forgot my heart monitor today, but I wasn’t working too hard.  140 total miles pedaled so far.

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5 Responses to Day 9 Made Some Miles 3/9/13

  1. Ricardo Avila says:

    got to see the unicycler sailor going thru Brawley, wishing you the best of luck.


  2. katie says:

    this is the coolest thing ever!!!

  3. jo ann says:

    You’re doing great! Just keep it upright and between the lines!!

  4. Bill says:

    You are looking good out there Dave. Nobody’s going to mess with you either – because of the beard. All is well back in Windsor. The house is still in one piece.

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